Ian Hargrove – Progress

As of today the plate centres are done and the rims are planned. January 11 – both border colours filled in. January 13 – photo of 2 completely decorated plates. I’m hoping to get the rest done tomorrow and then they need to dry carefully and thoroughly and then bisqued.

2020 – A Review

I think like many, this year did not start out with any inkling, for me, of how it would go. By January I was set to be in 3 major, in person shows, one of which was very much out of my comfort zone, another summer at the Peterborough Regional Farmer’s Market, a commission that […]

Ian Hargrove – Progress Photos

Much delayed! My apologies. So without adieu – these were the greenware pics – pre firing – that I sent you before. This is where you indicated to me that you liked the centre of the plate on the left and the rim of the plate on the right. The following is what they looked […]

Ian Hargrove – Clay Examples

Hi Ian – and possibly Joan! Here are two small plates that I’ve been working on the decoration as per our previous discussions.  They are both quite small, and that makes the details of much of the heraldry more difficult.  They are both still unfired – I missed my chance to get them bisque fired […]


The following are examples of previous work to give you an idea of what options might appeal. This is keeping in mind that changes in glazes or inconsistencies in firing may change results from previous examples. This mug is an example of an underglaze on white clay with an organic flower/vine design all over the […]

Ian Hargrove – sketches

Sketch combos This is long, so please feel free to take your time. All of the sketches here consist of two parts. There is the centre portion and the rim. They *do not* need to be tied together. Please do excuse the roughness of the sketches. What I am looking for from you, is which […]