Ian Hargrove – Progress Photos

Much delayed! My apologies. So without adieu – these were the greenware pics – pre firing – that I sent you before.

Small plate decorated with special commission heraldry including compass stars, unicorn, crescents and tudor roses
Medium sized test plate for commission with heraldry including compass stars, unicorn, crescents and tudor roses

This is where you indicated to me that you liked the centre of the plate on the left and the rim of the plate on the right.

The following is what they looked like after bisquing. (Mostly I’m sending these as progress shots)

The following is the two bisqued plates side by side.

Without further delay, here are the finished plates:

Lastly, here is a close up of the rims.

If you would like any other photos, let me know. Otherwise please confirm your previous decision (you wanted the centre of the left and the rim of the right), or some other combination as a result of seeing the photos above. As an editorial note, I realized afterwards that the purple needs several coats to ensure it does not look light and streaky as in the picture on the right.

Also, I think I would like to ask, should your choices still be the same (or even if they’re not), what it is you like about the rim on the right? Is it the contrast with the white lines? The texture around the moon has never really been obvious in the photos, and frankly has not turned out as effective as I would have liked, so I’m not sure that would have been a factor in your decision. Do you like the white lines around the moon more than the black in the rim on the left? Details like this will assist in my choices for finishing the dinner plates.

Many thanks.